Knowing Your Why: Goals vs. Motivation

Knowing Your Why

One of the most helpful tools in my own personal weight loss journey has been understanding the difference between a goal and motivation.  A goal is a desired result.  Motivation is the connection of how you will benefit from that result.  The goal is the “what”.  The motivation is the “why”. Knowing the motivation also helps identify other factors independent of the goal.

Example of a consultation with a client:

Her Goal: To lose 25lbs

Motivation: To feel healthy enough to chase her child around the house.

This allowed me to understand that she really felt she was failing as a mom. She felt that her failing health was keeping her from being present with her toddler.   I then knew to focus on endurance and not just weight loss.

Example 2

Her Goal: Lose 20lbs

Motivation:  To look good in a dress and to finally feel attractive.

This allowed me to see that what needed to be worked on was her confidence and acceptance of self.  I set small goals independent of the scale so she could gain confidence and feel accomplished with every single win.

Clearly identifying our “why” keeps us focused when the journey becomes challenging.  Similar to setting an intention during a yoga practice.  Whenever we waver, we go back to the intention we set and ground ourselves in that.

Today I challenge you: When you set a goal.  Clearly and confidently identify your “why”.

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